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Thank you, and that concludes my Ted Talk.
Tom Holland 🤪💕💕
Kirishima Eijiro (Boku No Hero Academia)
All Might (Boku No Hero Academia)
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- I’ve been editing since Feb 4th, 2016! - My favorite color is blue - My birthday is June 3rd ❤️ - I have two ferrets named Thomas and Vanilla, two cats named Cat (wow) and Keoni, and two dogs named Maggy and Charleigh! - I do competitive dance - I’m a cosplayer (but I really suck at it) - I read a lot lol - I use VS to edit
I make edits on instagram! They’re mainly anime, but occasionally I edit BTS, manga, video games, and more! I used to be Koishai, but now I’m Efariaw. :))
Genji Shimada & Jesse Mccree (Overwatch)
Kim Namjoon
Benedict Cumberbatch
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Keith Kogane & Lance Mcclain (Voltron)
Markus (Detroit Become Human)
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Connor and Hank (Detroit Become Human)
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Julian (The Arcana)
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Asra (The Arcana)
Akira Fudou (Devilman Crybaby)
Midoriya Izuku (Boku No Hero Academia)
Hisoka Morow (Hunter X Hunter)
Inuyasha (Inuyasha)
Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri On Ice!!!)